Rates are broken
across Aotearoa
Let's fix that.
An illustration of houses on a map of New Zealand
Key changes we want to make
Adopt land value rates
Capital value rates is regressive, disincentives development in the right places, and rewards landbanking. Land value rates can switch that around.
Repeal fixed charges
Many councils have 'fixed charges' which function as poll taxes. This punishes denser developments which have many units using the same infrastructure.
A building breaking free of the chains of Capital Value Rates
Real land value rates has never been tried.
6th December 2023
An empty carpark.
21st November 2023
Support for Land Value Rates
Nīkau Wi Neera
Nīkau Wi Neera
Wellington City Councillor
"LVR represents a fantastic opportunity to grow a compact, green city. More productive use of land, community benefits from a virtuous cycle of infrastructure investment, and lower rates rises for working people - it's a no-brainer!"
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